The Next Wave in Food Trends: Toast?

Shout-out goes out to Monica at Feast! for bringing up the idea that toast might be the next big food trend to hit.  From cupcakes to pies, food trucks to organic fare, toast seems to be in good company.  If you’ve never had it – first off, what kind of childhood did you have? – simple toast is the browning of a piece of bread through heat.  This can be done with a conventional bread toaster or a toaster oven.  Disclaimer, this is not the same as putting it on a pan like with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Simple toast

Simple toast

Thinking on the subject, it’s certainly possible for toast to hit it big.  It’s very versatile: you can have toast with butter, peanut butter, jelly, peanut butter AND jelly, cream cheese, scrambled egg, cinnamon and sugar, cheese, soup, and on and on and on.  This doesn’t include specialty toast concoctions like French toast and Melba toast.

As I sit writing this there has been a sort of debate about the legitimacy of toast as a future food trend.  Calvin Smith (Operations Manager) doesn’t think toast is a worthwhile food item when compared to similar dishes, i.e. grilled cheese sandwiches.  Andrew Mui (Assistant Operations Manager/Staten Island Intern), who’s concentrating on finance while studying at Boston College, think it’s not a viable business venture; the overhead costs far exceed any chance for profit in a business that served only toast.  Calvin agrees with this opinion as well.  In short, their collective argument is that toast isn’t special enough to warrant a mention as a emerging trend to foodies.  I like toast myself but have no strong feelings either way.  But in Kelley Miller’s (Social Media Manager) own words, “Toast is AMAZING.”  So you see where she stands.

What about you guys?  Do you think toast has a bright future or will it flop?  Let us know at our Facebook page and via Twitter @BiteHunter_com.

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