Help, I can’t eat out, it cost too much!!

Think eating out is too expensive, and too costly? Well, guess again. What was once accepted as true is now becoming a myth.  Eating out can actually be almost around the same price as cooking at home, and the best part is there are no dishes to clean.

We made a bet and sent one person home with a mission to only cook all 3 meals a day for a week, and another to eat out all 3 meals a day for week while using BiteHunter. What we found out was quite amazing.

The total bill for the person cooking at home came out to $95.06, and the total bill for the person eating out came to $120.13, making a price difference of about 25% more to eat out than to stay home and cook.  This may seem like a lot, but we were actually surprised as most of us thought eating out would be at least double, if not triple the cost of cooking at home. We also learned that the person who ate at home was so tired of eating the same thing everyday (he bought his groceries in bulk and cooked in bulk which cut costs, but sacrificed variety in his diet) and was tired from the time spent cooking and cleaning.

Based on our little study, we are quite convinced eating out a couple of times a week will not put a major dent in your wallet, and might actually help to reduce your stress (no cleaning and cooking means more time for leisure, friends, and family).

We would love to hear you stories about saving money on your dining adventures. Send us an email or post us a comment on our blog and let us know how much you’re saving!!


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