Pickle Mania

Fresh fruit and vegetables are truly at their peak in August. But sadly, that isn’t going to last too much longer (sorry to be the downer, but you know summer can’t last forever). With that in mind, we decided to we’d get a heads up on the winter (and the squirrels!!) and start storing away that amazing produce now. Between canning and pickling, we are definitely pickle fiends, so we decided we’d experiment last week and see what we could come up with. Well, let me tell you, the sky’s the limit. I mean really, you can pickle just about anything and everything. From fish to celery, it can be done. While we are no experts on pickled fish, nor the biggest fans, we decided to start on the “simple” side with just vegetable. We pickled onions, green beans, celery, carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, green tomatoes, ginger, radishes, and cabbage. We went to town!!! It was a bit time consuming, but overall absolutely worth every minute. Unfortunately, the pickled vegetables will never last to winter, ’cause we’ve already eaten half of them by now :) No matter, there’s still plenty of time to pickle more!! Should you want to pickle your own, all you need are some canning jars, vinegar, salt, water, vegetables, and a pot (deep enough submerge your jars in). We recommend adding some spices, too. We used mustard seed in some, chili flakes in others, even dill. Find a recipe that works for you, and spices that suite your taste. Word of caution, though, with all canning processes: Be very clean and don’t deviate from standard recipes. We wish you the best of luck, and look forward to hearing about you canning/pickling recipes and ideas. (Should you need a recipe, please don’t hesitate to email us!!!)

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