BiteHunter’s New & Improved Features in Time for Beta Launch

Our recent beta launch of has us excited and we’d love to share that excitement with you by showing off the new digs.  First off, the drop-down search boxes of the previous version has been chopped up, broiled, and fed to the cows behind our offices and has since been replaced by a more intuitive search feature which simply asks what you’re craving.  Just type that in and in what city (New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco) and you’re on your way to finding real-time restaurant offers and promotions.  For example type in “sushi” in “New York” and press “Find” and voila!  You now have a list of fine sushi places to check out.

Let’s take a look at the new real-time tabs near the top of the page.  And by real-time we mean up-to-the-second updating so fast it’ll make your head spin .  Okay, maybe not that fast but if you want the latest restaurant offers and specials just click on the Latest Offers & Deals tab.  Want to know what deals are good for today?  Click on Daily Deal.  In the mood for a cold one?  Click on Happy Hour to see which bars/lounges/restaurants are offering some sweet deals on happy hour.  The Events tab gives you an extra reason to party in your city by showcasing restaurants with some unique and fun happenings going on.  In addition to those options is our brand new Social Buzz feature which helps you pick out the hottest places right now.  BiteHunter’s crack team of hunters track your city’s restaurant trends by keeping tabs on how many Facebook likes and Foursquare check-ins they receive in the last 24 hours.  Just click on any colored (red or green) pin on the map and you’ll see how popular a spot they are.  And remember, all of this is live and is constantly updated to make sure you don’t miss out.

There’s no need to follow several restaurant Twitter feeds when you have us to do it for you!  The same goes for food trucks.  If your dining spots Tweet, our feed aggregates them all in one place for you to check out.   There are a lot of exclusive Twitter deals to choose and is happy to collect them all and conveniently put them in a single spot where you can easily browse through.  Like with our other deals and offers tabs we’re constantly updating these to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Be sure to look out for more blog posts detailing other features as well as brand new ones in the future.  Until then if you want to leave a message or comment, please feel free to do so by clicking on the Leave Feedback link on any page.

3FeaturesTopic Real-Time Offers & Social Buzz Map

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