Company Lunch: Grill 21

Hello all!  Our latest company lunch was held at Grill 21, a Filipino restaurant at 346 E. 21st St.  Upfront, as a Filipino man who eats Filipino food often the fare was spot-on.  When we entered we were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming proprietor – sorry, we didn’t catch his name – who gave us some recommendations to eat.  We started out with lumpia shanghai, a small egg roll with pork and a side of sweet & sour sauce.  This was crispy and tasted great.  I decided to try out San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a Filipino-made beer in conjunction with lunch; on a side note I turn red when I drink alcohol and NO there won’t be pictures of me like that.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Our entrees were pork adobo, pork marinated in soy and vinegar and was really tender.  We also got chicken adobo.  Our third entree was bistek – my personal fave – thinly sliced beef with onions.  Tasting it my first thought was, “Wow this is like how my mom makes it.”  Much to my amusement the bistek didn’t last long since everyone dug in without remorse.   And of course, it isn’t a Filipino meal without rice so we got both white and garlic rice which were goood.  Overall this place was a winner and I’d go again.  Want a good Filipino restaurant?  Go here.

P.S. – Honestly, I was worried about this week’s lunch since it was my call but it turned out well in the end.

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