What’s New with BiteHunter on May 25, 2011

Another week has passed in the BiteHunter office so that means we have another weekly update for you!

  • Gil Harel (CEO & Co-Founder) went to and recently came back from the National Restaurant Association Show 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.  He met a lot of good people, made some connections, and generally had a good time.  Here’s him with Stephanie, one of the winners of Top Chef!
Gil Harel & Stephanie

Gil Harel & Stephanie

  • Some time ago Gil did an interview for Live Digital with Shelly Palmer.  You can see his interview around the 13:30 mark.
  • Operations Manager Calvin Smith tried out the “Taste of Nolita” this past weekend where he was able to sample a bunch of foods from different restaurants.  Here are some pics from the event:
  • We’re happy and proud at the amount of press we’ve been getting lately including coverage by MSN Money (under “Eating” in the 10th slide), 89th & Broke, and USA Today.  Our thanks goes out to these awesome outlets!
  • The “5 Days of Bite Me” Contest was a great success and we’re happy to have more than doubled the number of Facebook fans we’ve received.  Take a look at the results of the contest here.

Here are some sweet deals to tide you over for Memorial Day Weekend:


  • Eataly: Rooftop BBQ for $59.80.

San Francisco


  • MK: 30% off your entire bill at MK.

As you can tell it’s been a packed and exciting week for us here at BiteHunter.com and here’s hoping to countless more to come!  Thanks again for stopping by and reading the blog!  For more from us, check out and Like our Facebook page and follow us @BiteHunter_com.

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