Love Soul Food? June is the Month for You!

Oh man!  When my supervisor asked me to write about National Soul Food Month I jumped at the chance.  National Soul Food Month is celebrated in the entire month of June and is easily one of my favorite months of the year.  Who doesn’t love food straight from the heart that tastes SOOO good.  If you were unaware, soul food is an African-American cuisine that came from the Southern  U.S. and uses ingredients that were brought over by the slaves hundreds of years ago as well as those used by the Native Americans.

Dear life.  How good does this look?
Dear life. How good does this look?

Why do I love soul food?  Simple.  It tastes great.  Is it healthy for you?  Not with the high content of fat, cholesterol, and calories but who cares really?  The large amounts of seemingly unhealthy substances were necessary to sustain the slaves during that time in America’s history.  Soul food isn’t about nutrition, it’s about enjoying the meal and the food itself.  It’s throwing away your cares, laying down your burdens, and just having a blast at the dinner table.  It’s the epitome of comfort food and is it ever comforting to eat!

My favorite soul food is easily fried chicken battered in flour.  I love when the skin’s crispy and the meat is succulent.  This is easily followed by mashed potatoes with gravy as well as corn.  The thicker the gravy the better as far as I’m concerned.  Unfortunately, a certain someone in this office hates mashed potatoes which makes me a sad panda😦 .  I’ve only had a few chances to try country fried steak but I’m a fan.  Biscuits are awesome too, especially if it’s dipped in gravy.  Mmm, gravy…  Anyways, fried fish is a soul food staple and is something I enjoy as well.  Soul food may be an African-American invention but as a Filipino man I can tell you my culture also serve these types of food.  To put it bluntly, a Filipino person who’s never had fried chicken before has most likely been raised a vegetarian/vegan.

Hungry now.
Hungry now?

Want some suggestions for soul food?  Here you go:



San Francisco

So go out there folks, buy some soul food, and enjoy!  Also, thanks for stopping by and reading the blog!  For more from us, check out and Like or Facebook page and follow @BiteHunter_com.

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