Deep Fried Everything!

Deep fried chicken, deep fried steak, deep fried donuts, deep fried Snickers, deep fried Twinkies and even deep fried tarantula: this is but a small portion of what you can deep fry.  Funny thing is you wouldn’t normally deep fry half of these items: like Snickers, for instance.  When you deep fry something it means dipping food into a vat of cooking oil which ruins any chance of it being remotely healthy.  As tempting as some these are – especially the Twinkies, yum – I’m trying to keep away from deep fried anything for as long as possible.  But if you don’t care and want to splurge on something strange and most likely awesome-tasting, then you should go out and try deep fried food.

A deep fried Twinkie.  Dear life do I want one bad.
A deep fried Twinkie. Dear life do I want one bad.

The deep fried food craze started in the mid-90s when a bar in Scotland deep fried a Mars bar to serve to customers.  Since then, it has spread and is now a popular food trend here in the States.  I remember hearing about someone deep frying Snickers a decade ago and my first thought was, “Whaaat?”  I guess the attraction is the clash of deep fried batter with the inherent sweetness of the candy bar.  That said, my first fried desert was fried ice cream, which used tempura as a batter.  True it’s not “deep fried” but it’s close enough.  This trend’s popularity here in the U.S. is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned: we do love our food trends and we love our comfort foods like no one else in the world.  I mean, Soul Food is a bona fide homegrown cuisine!  Another factor in this trend’s success is that it’s weird and interesting enough that you think, why not just try it out once at least?  I bet a good number of fans first took a bite with this thought in mind and now they’re hooked!

A deep fried Snickers bar.  My goodness...
A deep fried Snickers bar. My goodness…

Have you succumbed to the deep fried food craze?  If so, what goodies have you tried out?  Let us know on our Facebook page and via Twitter @BiteHunter_com.

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