Let’s Hear It for Social Media Day!

I never knew social media had its own day (June 30) until Andrew, our Assistant Operations Manager, told me about it.  This celebratory day became officially recognized after cities worldwide, including Las Vegas, San Jose & Dublin, declared June 30 to be Social Media Day.  In a world where YouTube, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter exist it’s become so much easier to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world.  It costs nothing – except the cost of internet access, of course – and only requires nominal mastery of whatever language you communicate in.  Even with the latter in mind, people love using emoticons, i.e.:-) , which squeezes past the language barrier entirely. Both run-of-the-mill folks and celebrities have taken to social media in a big way which shows the accessibility of such services.  Since most of social media is executed in real-time it’s a great way to post short updates on what you’re thinking/doing and have others know about a second or two after.  Heck, people become Social Media Managers because they realize the major role social media plays in not only everyday people’s lives, but for businesses as well.

Facebook & Twitter
Facebook & Twitter

In the food industry this has become a great way to communicate with current and potential customers.  In fact, restaurants offer deals through Twitter exclusively which should prove outright the importance of social media in the industry.  Social media adds a personal touch to internet communication with how quick one can relay ideas and people are attracted to that.  It takes little effort to setup a Facebook or Twitter account and just about as much effort to post something.  Combine these facts with food and you have a recipe for marketing interesting enough to attract newer customers and future foodies.  Also, it’s free advertising which cuts back on costs significantly.  Food trucks are the perfect example of how to use social media in the restaurant industry.  Since they’re constantly on the move they have to rely on updating their Twitter accounts to inform customers about where they are and what they’re offering.

Thanks again for reading our blog!  Do you use social media sites like Facebook & Twitter?  If so, check us out and Like our Facebook page and follow us @BiteHunter_com.

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