How to Beat the Cold and Save Some Cash!!

Standing around waiting in the cold? Need a little warmth? With only the change in your pocket and the BiteHunter app on your phone, a great deal and a little warmth is but a few clicks away. Open your app to the BiteNow section and you’ll see a long list of all these great deals. What makes these deals special, is that they are made to be used that instant. See a deal for a cup of coffee? Just buy the deal on your phone, show your confirmation to the cashier, and viola, coffee. These deals are so easy to redeem, you can buy it while waiting in the line. Change of plan? No time to claim you purchase, etc.? No worries. These deals are only charged to you if you actually redeem them.

What a great way to stave off the cold with a nice cup of soup or coffee, while keeping your wallet full.

Here are a couple of recently purchased BiteNow! deals:

Warm Bowl of Soup?
Hot Cup of Coffee?

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