Are Macaroons the New Cupcake?

by Simon Joseph

What exactly are Macaroons? Macaroons are colorful, light as a feather, meringue-like, almond cookies sandwiched together with a flavorful filling. The origins of the cookie lie somewhere in Italy, but the modern “sandwiched” versions were first created by the French pastry chef Pierre Desfontaines, of Laduree, in Paris.

Never had a macaroon? Can’t afford to travel to Paris? Fear not, the macaroon is increasing in popularity and macaroon shops are popping just as fast as cupcake shops. So, could this be the end of the cupcake? No way. Who doesn’t love a cupcake? While cupcakes do have some competition, I think everyone is going to be quite happy with having both. So, here are some of the best macaroon shops, including Laduree, in America:

Laduree – New York, NY

La Maison du Chocolat – New York, NY

Vendome – New York, NY

Bisous Ciao – New York, NY

Sucre – New Orleans, LA

Pierre Gourmet – Chicago, IL

Praline Bakery – Bethesda, MD

Paulette – Beverly Hills, CA

PS. If you aren’t near these cities, check with your local bakery or try online as many of these store ship nationwide. And let us know if we missed any favorite places in your hometown.

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