BiteHunter Contest Winners – May 2012

Week of May 1st

Tuesday – Margaret C. of Rhode Island

Wednesday – Heather E. of Maryland

Thursday – Phil M. of Massachusetts

Friday – Kate H. of New York

Saturday – Fung G. of California

Sunday – Ken B. of California

Week of May 7th

Monday – Howard H. of Texas

Tuesday – Mike C. of Pennsylvania

Wednesday – Ronald M. of Illinois

Thursday – Nick W. of California

Friday – Bob G. of Florida

Saturday – Megan K. of Nevada

Sunday – James F. of Portland

Week of May 14th

Monday – Melvin J. of New Hampshire

Tuesday – Joseph B. of Iowa

Wednesday – Jahil N, of California

Thursday – Sarah P. of New Jersey

Friday – Samuel G. of Alabama

Saturday – Hailey D. of Oregon

Sunday – Patrick R. of North Carolina

Week of May 21st

Monday – Jennifer M. of California

Tuesday – Tiffani L. of California

Wednesday – Chloe C. of Oregon

Thursday – Mladen B. of Colorado

Friday – Mark T. of Washington

Saturday – Jonathan L. of Rhode Island

Sunday – Sarah C. of Vermont

Week of May 28th

Monday – Jonathan H. of New York

Tuesday – Kevin S. of Ohio

Wednesday – Brian P. of Illinois

Thursday –  Matt M. of Ohio

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