Bubble Tea

Trying to find new ways to cool off during the hot humid days of the year? Sick of drinking iced coffee every time you need that cold drink fix? Get your hands on the some bubble tea, a drink that has become wildly popular throughout the world.

If you’ve never heard of bubble tea perhaps you may know it as boba tea, pearl tea, or tapioca milk tea. Don’t let these unusual names turn you off from the delicious, yet simple combination of tea, sugar, milk, and tapioca pearls. The black tapioca pearls are marble sized and have a chewy consistency, but don’t forget to pick up one of the colorful fat straws otherwise you’ll never get them out of the cup!

There are tons of tea shops specializing in bubble tea around the country, and many more opening up because people who try it are instantly hooked. Nowadays, most tea shops have a variety of flavors (popular ones include taro, honey, passion fruit, lychee, and coffee), and offerings like slushes and smoothies. If it is your first time at a bubble tea shop or stand, you might be intimidated by the numerous options on the menu, but the safest bet is to get the original: a sweet, refreshing, and somewhat filling bubble milk tea!

No bubble tea shops near you? Local specialty or Asian markets are sure to have tapioca pearls, so you can make it at home. Just add it to your favorite chilled tea, add some sugar and milk, and voila, instant bubble tea.

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