NEW!! BiteHunter Version 2.1

Great news everyone!!!

We have just released the latest version of our app (Click here to download at iTunes).

We’re so excited to let you know that deal redemption has been made easier, now, with the new addition of IN-APP VOUCHERS. It is now the ultimate on-the-go app because there is no more need to tirelessly search through your emails for lost vouchers, and no more getting stuck away from home without your silly printer. Our latest update allows you to access the vouchers directly through the app as soon as they become available, and redeem them directly from your phone, as well. 

Additionally, we know the frustration of standing there refreshing your email waiting for those vouchers to finally appear in your inbox, so we’ve made that easier too. When a deal is ready to redeem, a small red number (a badge) will appear over the BiteHunter app icon, on your phone. The number that appears will coincide with how many vouchers are ready for you to use. 

When you see a badge appear, open the app and tap on “My Purchases”. 

There you will find your voucher, tap on “Deal voucher is available >>” to view or redeem your purchase.

Save the trees, and save yourself a headache, update to the new BiteHunter app today. It’s so simple, and so easy, you’ll be amazed. 

We hope you enjoy, and again, thank you to all our amazing users whose feedback and support have been so integral to BiteHunter’s success


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