Chatting About Cupcakes, Truffles, and Life with Yummy Bunny’s Meg Carriero

Monday of last week I had the chance to talk to the very charming and multi-talented Meg Carriero who’s not only an actress but bakes some awesome cupcakes with cannoli cream!  Meg was kind enough to bring some cupcakes the previous week and it didn’t take long for us to devour them, especially with the assistance of a certain someone whose name rhymes with “giller”.

Cupcake with cannoli cream & dark chocolate chips!
Cupcake with cannoli cream & dark chocolate chips!

Without further ado, here’s how the meeting went:

So you’ve been in theatre, TV/film, and promos.  Why baking?

Meg Carriero (MC): I loved to bake ever since I was a child.  It’d be someone’s birthday and my mother would be like, “Let’s bake a cake.”  and it was always a really happy time for me.   My mother passed away about 5 years ago so I didn’t do it for a while and I was trying to find a way to remember that and get close to her again so I started baking.  And I enjoyed it!  I was like, this is fun.  I like it and I started looking into doing boxed cakes.  I started looking for recipes online and slightly altering them and changing some things from there.

So you grab the recipes online and change them up?

MC: I was, originally, and now I’m trying more to make them right from scratch start to finish to make them completely mine.

Was using cannoli cream your idea?

MC: Actually, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to get the cupcakes out there and I became pretty good friends with Sean [Sullivan] from Feed Your Hole and I asked him if he was interested in picking up my cupcakes maybe once a week/month or if he’d want to try them first and then place an order and we go from there.  He’s Irish-Italian and I was adopted into an Irish-Italian family and he mentioned cannoli cream.  I’ve been wanting to do legit cannolis for a while and I was like, this is great, let’s do this!  That’s where it came from; basically, Sean had requested it.

Is the cannoli cream cupcake your main cupcake?

Before that I had a cappuccino cupcake that has gone over really well.  I’ve been working on a signature cupcake which is a spiced carrot cupcake with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum.

I don’t think that’s for the kids!

MC: (laughs) Right!  That’s more for the adults.  It won’t be heavy but it will have a hint of it just to give it the adult flare.

I was thinking of the name for a long time and I went with Yummy Bunny.  I love my bunny ears I wear and I was thinking this was a good way to help parents who are super busy with kids’ birthdays and they don’t want to buy store-bought cupcakes.  I can deliver them wearing bunny ears!  I was thinking, what rhymes with bunny that’s about food and so Yummy Bunny came up.

How many times have you delivered them to kids?

MC: I haven’t done it at all yet because I’ve been working on recipes.  I’ve kind of moved away from that and more into just getting them out there any way possible right now which is why I brought them to Sean and…

We loved them by the way!

MC: Thank you!  Awesome!  So hopefully I can use you guys as testers in the future.

Any upcoming major orders?

MC: I’ve been talking to Sean on when he wants to do them so we’re in discussions right now.  That’ll be my first really big one and I’m very excited!

When you started, did you get it right the first time or was your house filled with smoke?

MC: (laughs) I’ve always been good with cakes and brownies and truffles but the first time I tried making churros I did set my kitchen on fire.  (laughs) I don’t do churros anymore.  I’ve been removed from churros for a year so I may bring that back.

With all the work you do outside of baking, do you find it hard to find time to bake?

MC: I do.  Right now it’s good that things are being planned far in advance for the most part with it so I have time to plan things around it and make sure not to have gigs around that time.  If it gets busier there are decisions that have to be made as to what I’m going to do and what I’m not as far as things outside of baking.

So would you ever consider baking a full-time career?

MC: Goal-wise I’d like to have a storefront one day.  Whether I personally run it myself is up in the air because acting is my first love, I absolutely enjoy it.  Promotions I also do and enjoy but it’s not something I want to do my entire life which is why it’d be nice if the baking took off because I’d enjoy that a lot more.

What part of baking do you love the most?

MC: The decorating.  When it comes to the frosting and what goes on the frosting it’s just so much more artistic at that point.

Speaking of which have you tried Babycakes?

MC: I have not!  I hear many things about them, I’ve looked over their cookbook and I know they do a lot of vegan and gluten free baking.  I want to get into that too because there are so many people now with problems with wheat allergies.  So many people are moving away from dairy that I would love to pick their brains on how they started and what ingredients they use.

What is your favorite cupcake to make?

MC: That’s a tough one.  I love them all for different reasons.  The carrot cupcake with real shreds of carrots is a recipe I haven’t perfected yet and it’s been a challenge and since it’s the signature one I really want it to be special and perfect.  I’ve been testing that one out a lot and I feel that when I finally perfect it it’s going to be a weight off my shoulders.  That’s completely 100% my own creation.

Were truffles a natural progression from cupcakes?

MC: That came out of me not having a lot of money to do Christmas this year.  I felt everyone loves chocolate so I made four different kinds and put them in nice boxes.  I gave them to all my family and some of my friends.

Was it easy to make?

MC: It was.  It was time-consuming but it’s pretty easy as long as you have a good knifeI didn’t have a good enough knife to cut the chocolate fine but most of it is to let it sit for a couple of hours and making sure to have the time to do it.

At the end of all this, what would be your main goal with your baking?

MC: Honestly, it’s going to sound really cheesy and cliche but to make people happy!  There has been a lot of people who get excited when they see them and they love how they taste.  That makes me feel good and it brightens they’re day and it’s really cute.  It’d be nice to leave promotional work and still do this.  I’ll have more control over my life and have a little more leeway with my scheduling which would be nice.

I’d like to thank Meg for taking to time to talk about cupcakes and her love of baking.  If you want to know more about Meg Carriero check out  Also, check out Yummy Bunny for more about Meg’s baking.

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Company Lunch: Grill 21

Hello all!  Our latest company lunch was held at Grill 21, a Filipino restaurant at 346 E. 21st St.  Upfront, as a Filipino man who eats Filipino food often the fare was spot-on.  When we entered we were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming proprietor – sorry, we didn’t catch his name – who gave us some recommendations to eat.  We started out with lumpia shanghai, a small egg roll with pork and a side of sweet & sour sauce.  This was crispy and tasted great.  I decided to try out San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a Filipino-made beer in conjunction with lunch; on a side note I turn red when I drink alcohol and NO there won’t be pictures of me like that.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Our entrees were pork adobo, pork marinated in soy and vinegar and was really tender.  We also got chicken adobo.  Our third entree was bistek – my personal fave – thinly sliced beef with onions.  Tasting it my first thought was, “Wow this is like how my mom makes it.”  Much to my amusement the bistek didn’t last long since everyone dug in without remorse.   And of course, it isn’t a Filipino meal without rice so we got both white and garlic rice which were goood.  Overall this place was a winner and I’d go again.  Want a good Filipino restaurant?  Go here.

P.S. – Honestly, I was worried about this week’s lunch since it was my call but it turned out well in the end.

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My Thoughts On Food Trucks

Hi again!  This is Heinreich, the intern here at  While I was walking along Hudson St. looking for lunch I was struck by the fact that 3 food trucks were on the street at the same time: Sweetery NYC, the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, and the Taim Mobile.  This latter vehicle had an impressive contingent of people waiting to place their orders.  Looking at them all waiting to buy food from these restaurants on wheels my first thought was, “Wow, people really love food trucks.”  Truth be told I can see why.

I can think of at least 3 reasons why.  For one thing, the food is great and it comes at a decent price.  I keep hearing the recession is dying down but it isn’t going to stop most from buying quality food for $5-$7 instead of prices reaching twice those amounts in typical brick & mortar places.  Secondly, besides the big restaurant franchises, they advertise their services like no one else.  For food trucks using social media services like Twitter & Facebook are a necessity in order to ensure their businesses thrive and they’re very, very effective: they Tweet their next location and hours and people using smartphones or PCs will know the instant their favorite trucks are in the area.  This is convenient for many people on the go.  Lastly, and this applies to me, food trucks are just so damned charming.  I mean, look at the Sweetery NYC pic above and the other pics below!  How can you not gravitate towards these trucks when you see them?  If not out of hunger then sheer curiosity will at least make you want to see what’s up with the bright blue truck parked on the street.

What are your thoughts?  Do you buy food from food trucks?  Don’t even know what they are?  Please leave some feedback on food trucks.

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Company Lunch at the Hummus Place on 7th Ave.

Hi my fellow hunter-gatherers!

I’m Heinreich, the Intern Extraordinaire at  This past Friday the BiteHunter team decided to have its second company lunch at the Hummus Place on 7th Ave. in NYC.  Ido (CTO and Co-founder) had promised he’d take us to “the best” hummus restaurant in NYC and after weeks of delays we went and I can tell you it was well worth the wait! (Disclaimer: I apologize for the blurry pics, I didn’t set the camera properly before I started taking them.)

Since our office is in the West Village it was a brisk but short walk to the Hummus Place, which is 1 of 5 locations in the local restaurant chain.  After some debates on choice of food we started out with appetizers: falafel, babaganush, and a health salad.  Calvin and Kelley decided to top these off with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and white wine, respectively.  After that came the main course namesake dishes, the hummus!  We got hummus masabacha which had chick peas, spices, and olive oil as well as hummus tahini with olive oil and spices.  But by far my absolute favorite dish from the restaurant was the shakshuka, which was eggs made over easy topped with tomato paste.  Combine this with the pita bread and this dish is made of win!  If you’re a fan of eggs and tomatoes – which I am – then I recommend this as the one to get first thing at the Hummus Place.  Overall this was a great experience and can’t wait to go back for more soon.

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