The Joys of BBQ Festivals

What is it about BBQ events that drives hundreds, if not thousands of people, to wait in line for obscene amounts of time to consume obscene amounts of meat?  Easy answer, the food is Goood: yes, that’s with a capital “G” AND italicized.  Also, true BBQ is time-consuming so why not have other people do it for you, who are experts at it, while you sit back and feast.  You get to taste exquisitely cooked pulled pork, ribs, baby back ribs, sausage, brisket, chicken and more.  Then there’s the BBQ sauce: dear life the unique BBQ sauces each pitmaster creates are nothing short of awesome.  These are the proverbial icing on the cake.  In my piece on the Big Apple BBQ Block Party I talked about some Western Tennessee-style whole hog whose BBQ sauce I enjoyed to the point of ecstasy: no joke.

Western Tennessee-style whole hog.

Western Tennessee-style whole hog.

You can get some sides like cole slaw or my personal favorite, beans.  A plus side to events such as these is that you get to glimpse professional pitmasters cook which is a rare treat for those of us who are far removed from BBQ joints.  You see meat being placed over coals or wood-smoked or whatever cooking method is preferred; the men and women chopping up the cooked meat and preparing the BBQ sauce; and then serving it to eager customers.  And the smell!  Sweet mercy, besides the crowds of people hoping to eat, this is the first thing that hits you.  When I went to that event last week I remember smelling the wood smoke and thought, “God, I can’t wait to eat some BBQ.”  And boooy did I EAT!  :-)  Just writing about it some more has me craving some pulled pork.

BBQ pulled pork with beans.

BBQ pulled pork with beans.

For those of us outside BBQ culture, we get to experience what may be a whole new part of American society which is a real treat.  Many of us used to the urban lifestyle and our microwaves and stove top cooking methods may very well find this slow process of cooking quaint, even outdated.  But with the BBQ still fresh in my mind the patience, care, and dedication these master chefs do with their choice of meat I can say that I’m more than willing to wait for food such as I’ve tasted.

Want to see what other BBQ events are happening in the U.S.?  Here are some:

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What’s New with BiteHunter on June 1, 2011

It’s another week for the BiteHunter crew so time for another update!

  • Gil Harel (CEO & Co-Founder) & Ido Shilon (CTO & Co-Founder) were recently profiled by in their article titled “Hungry for Deals“.
  • We’re really excited about the next couple of weeks because in that time we’ll be releasing the mobile application for the iPhone which will cover the entire nation!  The app will have all the services you’ll need in finding dining deals in your area and on the go.  Keep your eyes peeled and your iPhones ready for when it comes out!

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Things to Do for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here!  Thank goodness, right?  If you’re thinking about spending time outdoors – and you should – or looking for something to do, take heed of some of the things we’ve found you can do for the weekend.

New York

  • On Sunday & Monday (5/29 – 5/30), Governors Island is holding the Brewers PicNyc (clever play on the word!)  You get a stellar combination of craft beer, street food, AND music to top it all off.  Click here to buy tickets.
  • Did you know NYC played a key role in the American Revolution?  If you didn’t, you can learn more about it in the Revolutionary Era Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan.
  • Here’s a NY deal to check out: Dublin 6, Prix Fixe Brunch 14.95 or 17.95 Includes 2 drinks  or  A La Carte.
Brewers PicNyc
Brewers PicNyc


San Francisco

  • In the mood for lively music, dancing,  and food?  Check out the 2011 San Francisco Carnaval Festival.  Besides the aforementioned entertainment, there will be a soccer pavilion available for players of the sport.
  • The San Francisco International Arts Festival has been going on for a while and will continue to do so until the end of the month.  You can take a look at the festival calendar to see what events are being held and if tickets are available.
  • Here’s an SF deal to check out: Lark Creek Steak, Memorial Day Weekend BBQ menu! Fri-Mon. Features pulled pork sliders, BBQ air chilled chicken,, bacon BBQ wagyu burgers and more!

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Summertime Grub at its Finest

Summer is upon us and I’m looking forward to it!  That means fun outdoor activities involving food, including grilling and BBQ’ing.  Whether you cookout in the comforts of your patio and/or backyard or at your local park, it’s always fun to cook some food, knock back a few cold ones with friends, and generally have a good time.  I like cooking over some hot coals, usually hamburgers and or steaks.  Both of these I prefer medium rare, by the way.  Smack some cheese on top of the burgers, Worcester sauce and/or maybe dry rub on the steak, and throw on a cob of corn or two on the side while sipping on some Samuel Adams Summer Ale and I AM SET.

A succulent piece of steak.

A succulent piece of steak.

If you want to go a bit healthier on your summer foods pasta salads might be the way to go.  Mix a batch of pasta with vinaigrette, fresh tomatoes, basil, broccoli, and some other herbs and spices and you have yourself a nice meal.  Though considered more of a spring/summer dish it can be eaten year-round.  Other ingredients I recommend are baby corn, carrots, and peppers.  And I think it goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – pasta salads are best prepared within the confines of your kitchen.

Pasta salads: the healthy choice for summer meals.

Pasta salads: the healthy choice for summer meals.

If you’re of legal drinking you should try out the Sam Adams Summer Ale I mentioned earlier while feasting.  It has a refreshing citrus flavor that I enjoy.  Also, you can’t go wrong with Yuengling,  the oldest beer brewed in the U.S.  It’s a fine beer to have on any occasion.  My personal favorite for foreign beer is the Belgian wheat beer, Hoegaarden.  A smooth taste from the top all the way down to the very bottom of the glass: I absolutely love it.

The Belgians KNOW how to brew beer.

The Belgians KNOW how to brew beer.

Want to go to a restaurant for your BBQ needs?  Take a look at our picks below:


  • Brother Jimmy’s BBQ: All-U-Can-Eat & Drink! Ribs & Drafts $22.95 Bud or Bud Light. 2 hour maximum. Repeats Weekly on Sunday


  • one sixtyblue: 3 BBQ for just $12 paired w/ craft bourbon for $6. Blues performer Gerry Hundt will also appear.

San Francisco

  • J & R Restaurant: Save $4! Free 1/2 Lb Of Fresh Sliced BBQ Pork With Purchase of $15 Or More.

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Let’s Celebrate American Craft Beer Week!

American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) started yesterday (May 16) and runs until Sunday (May 22).  This very special week celebrates the importance of craft breweries and their beers to American society.  In the words of the Brewers Association (BA), American Craft Beer Week celebrates “the culture and community of craft beer, and give breweries and beer businesses the opportunity to connect with the fans.”

American Craft Beer Week 2011
American Craft Beer Week 2011

Here’s a short history lesson about the Week (also courtesy of the BA): American Craft Beer Month used to be celebrated in July but was later changed into a weeklong affair in May; this happened back in 2006.  Since then thousands of events have been held in honor of ACBW and with the support of two Congressional Resolutions, this week is sure to stay and be much celebrated: thank the heavens for that!

  • 2006: 124 breweries hosted events and House Resolution 753  was passed by the U.S. Congress
  • 2007: 150 breweries hosted events
  • 2008: 168 breweries hosted events and the Declaration of Beer Independence was introduced
  • 2009: 212 breweries hosted more than 500 events
  • 2010: 341 breweries hosted 621 events with recognition at multiple retailers in 45 states. House Resolution 1297 was passed by the U.S. Congress

Courtesy of the Brewers Association

For those who don’t know, craft beers are made without unmalted grains, e.g. rye, wheat, and barley.  Many smaller breweries and microbreweries specialize in craft beers due to the growing popularity of specially crafted beers.  Names like Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada have done very well for themselves by introducing such beers into the market.  I’m a Sam Adams man myself and would like to check out Sierra Nevada the next chance I get.

In order to assist you guys & gals in celebrating this fine week we’ve picked out a few Happy Hours you might want to check out below.  Cheers!


  • Point Break NYC: Happy Hour 5 to 7, $4 Drafts And Well Drinks + $4 Raz Fun+ $2 Keystone Ice & $10 Hurricane 40’s All Nite ( get Your beer Pong Team Ready)
  • Bar 12 Sports Bar & Lounge: Specials/Events for Today: Happy Hour: $4 Domestic Draft, $5 Well 12:00p-8:00p, $20 Bucket of Beer


San Francisco

  • Mars Bar & Restaurant: Monday – Fridays – happy hour dining 5:30p.m. – 8:00p.m. – Happy Hour weekdays! Every Monday thru Friday 3:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. $3 Beer special! – all bottle beers are $3 all day and all night!
  • The Royal Exchange: Happy Hour 2-6pm M-F Beer & Wine Specials, Appetizer specials, weekly shots and drink specials!

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The Popular Microbrew & Homebrewing Trends

Hey guys!  This is Heinreich, the intern at  Since the team is heading over to Bar 13 for an event, and hopefully drinks afterwards, I’d like to share a few thoughts on two popular drinking trends today: microbrews and homebrewing.

Beer has been a sort of quiet staple to American culture and the world community as a whole.  Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia have recorded the existence and consumption of beer thousands of years before names like Anheuser-Busch ever touched our lips.  The process of making beer made water much safer to drink by killing off bacteria very early in the making while introducing respectable amounts of nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and calcium in the end product.  During the ancient times, this made it as much a practical drink as anything else.  Nowadays we can all agree over-consumption is a terrible idea and we should all drink responsibly, but having one beer every now and again won’t hurt.

Microbreweries and their microbrews have gotten a lot of attention lately and their popularity continues to rise.  From 2009-2010 the Brewers Association (BA) reports that sales internationally of microbrews has increased by about 28%.  Further in the report the BA states that U.S. exports to foreign countries have increased for the 8th straight year.  Craft breweries are very popular in the Midwest, Northwest (Portland, Oregon is especially famous) and parts of the Northeast (i.e. Maine).  Their popularity stems from the breweries experimenting with the actual flavors and manufacturing process of their beers; local support and word-of-mouth; and the fact that the small-scale nature of microbreweries lends itself to a much more focused and friendlier type of customer service.  I can personally attest to this latter from a visit to the Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, NJ.  I asked for Yuengling but they didn’t have any at the time so the bartender asked me to try out a bunch of their house brews.  I did and found one I enjoyed!

The word “homebrew” can conjure up images of a man sitting on a log, smoking a pipe while cleaning out his rifle.  Right beside him are a series of large metallic stills where illegal liquor of some sort is being made.  Though scenes like this still exist in the backwoods of America somewhere, the modern homebrew scene is far more sophisticated, openly respected, and very legal in most places; just as long as they’re only making beer AND it’s not for sale.  Basic info on how to make homebrew beer, buy some basic ingredients, and  learn tricks-of-the-trade can be found easily online.  The American Homebrewers Association (HA) has a very informative site about the subject; they even have a page dedicated to laws that govern where it’s legal to homebrew.  With the right amount of money, a man or woman can gather all these resources and create their own beer.  Experimentation and fun go hand-in-hand in this endeavor which makes it very popular with beginning beer-makers and beer aficianados.

Well that’s enough for today my beer-drinking friends.  The team and I hope to see you all there at Tech Cocktail!  Cheers!

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Company Lunch: Grill 21

Hello all!  Our latest company lunch was held at Grill 21, a Filipino restaurant at 346 E. 21st St.  Upfront, as a Filipino man who eats Filipino food often the fare was spot-on.  When we entered we were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming proprietor – sorry, we didn’t catch his name – who gave us some recommendations to eat.  We started out with lumpia shanghai, a small egg roll with pork and a side of sweet & sour sauce.  This was crispy and tasted great.  I decided to try out San Miguel Pale Pilsen, a Filipino-made beer in conjunction with lunch; on a side note I turn red when I drink alcohol and NO there won’t be pictures of me like that.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Our entrees were pork adobo, pork marinated in soy and vinegar and was really tender.  We also got chicken adobo.  Our third entree was bistek – my personal fave – thinly sliced beef with onions.  Tasting it my first thought was, “Wow this is like how my mom makes it.”  Much to my amusement the bistek didn’t last long since everyone dug in without remorse.   And of course, it isn’t a Filipino meal without rice so we got both white and garlic rice which were goood.  Overall this place was a winner and I’d go again.  Want a good Filipino restaurant?  Go here.

P.S. – Honestly, I was worried about this week’s lunch since it was my call but it turned out well in the end.

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